Earth Matters Group

Are you interested in studying your local environment? Would you like to know more about Botany, Geology, Archaeology, Palaeontology and Ecology? We always welcome new members.

This group has been running jointly with Thame U3A since Summer 2012, with the emphasis on learning more about our local area. We arrange field trips with expert guides at two-monthly intervals between March and September and have indoor meetings in November and January.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you have an interest or area of expertise which could contribute to the group’s learning, or if you have any further ideas for possible trips. Just let the Group Leader know. We do hope you can join us.

Group leader

If you are interested in joining the group please contact Sue Oswell on 01844 290568 or


TBA. Our usual meeting day is the second Wednesday of the month.


To be announced for individual events.

Next Events

Ardley Energy Recovery Facility – 11 September at 1pm

Greater Thame member Ann Atkins as organised for us to visit the Ardley Energy Recovery Facility. Most of us thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Bucks equivalent plant and learnt a lot both about what happens to our green bin rubbish and also tips to facilitate more re-cycling. Mattress springs destroy the conveyor belts and aluminium foil eventually means the plant has to close down whilst the molten material is removed from the hearth.

I am sure that there will be similarities and differences between the plants so I hope that we have a good response so that the visit can go ahead.

Please contact Ann on 01844 214313 or

Geology round Holton, Wheatley – 13 November 2.30pm at Haddenham Methodist Church

When Jack Turner was restricted in his usual cycling and dog walking activities due to a hip replacement operation, he set about recording the geology and his finds from the area around Holton near Wheatley.  Jack is an engaging speaker who obviously has very sharp eyes and has researched his items thoroughly.  I expect that we will cover the period up to the Romans in this session with a view to Jack returning to tell us of his finds from later periods sometime in the future.

Wednesday 8 January tbc