Tai Chi Group

Tai Chi is recognised as a form of structured movement and meditation that can be beneficial in promoting self-awareness, improving balance, maintaining flexibility and preventing falls.

It is now being used within the NHS in rehabilitation after accidents and surgery. It is also being used to promote long-term health and mental wellbeing. In schools and workplaces it is being used to relieve stress.

More than these – it is fun, relaxing and “a work-out”!

Group Leader

Mike Moore on 01844 290258 or mhm4569@gmail.com

New members are always welcome but please contact Mike before coming to a session.


We meet  weekly on Tuesday afternoons at 2.00pm at Haddenham Youth & Community Centre, Woodways HP17 8DS.


£1.00 – 2.00 per session, depending on numbers attending, to cover costs of hiring the venue.