Technical Group

The Technical Group organises outings and talks to appeal to those U3A members who are interested in how, or why, things work. Group members are encouraged to suggest suitable events to include in the programme and to take turns in organising them. We aim to hold one event each month.We would be delighted to hear from you if you have an interest or area of expertise which could contribute to the Group’s learning, or if you have any further ideas for possible trips.

Events are opened to the wider U3A membership when space permits.

Group Leader

New members are welcome. If you wish to join us, please contact Kevin Nash on 07519 509370 or


Any costs are announced on an event by event basis.

Payments may be made by cheque payable to Haddenham U3A and have the name of the event written on the back. These can be sent to the Group Leader, but we prefer payment by internet or telephone banking to the credit of Haddenham U3A at CAF Bank; sort code 40-52-40, account no. 00021011. As soon as you have used one of these methods, please email or ring the Treasurer ( or 01844 292393) and the Group Leader to confirm that your payment has been sent.

Next Events

Visit to Old Operating Theatre, Southwark
24 May 2019 Cost £10/£15  


Visit to FAST museum in Farnborough 13 June 2019 Cost £10/£15 Car sharing leaving Haddenham at 09:15



Old Operating Theatre Visit – Details HERE

This visit promises to be well worthwhile featuring the History of Medicine and… food!

St Thomas’ Old Operating Theatre has a fascinating collection of artefacts and offer a good introductory talk on the history of Medicine. The George Inn is the oldest galleried inn in London with a good range of beer and food. Borough market is a foodie heaven.

The Old Operating Theatre Museum

Housed in the attic of the early eighteenth-century church of the old St Thomas’ Hospital, this atmospheric museum offers a unique insight into the history of medicine and surgery. The original timber framed garret was once used to dry and store herbs for medicines; in 1822 an operating theatre was included. Predating anaesthetics and antiseptics, it is the oldest surviving surgical theatre in Europe.

FAST Visit
FAST stands for Farnborough Air Sciences Trust, and the museum was established in 1993 when the RAE was closed as part of the MOD’s restructuring of Defense Research Establishments.
The museum has three main buildings containing a treasure trove of equipment from the RAE, the National Gas Turbine Establishment (NGTE), the Institute of Aviation Medicine (IAM) and several other RAF and MoD units. Outside there are a dozen or so examples of ex-RAF aircraft and helicopters.
One highlight of the Museum is a full-sized replica of Samuel Cody’s British Army Aeroplane No 1A, which made the first powered flight in Britain in on 16 October 1908. That flight took place a few hundred yards from the location of the Museum.
See for further information
The Museum is usually only open to the public at weekends and Bank Holidays, but assuming we can bring a group of they will open it for us. There will be a talk and guided tour of the Museum by their volunteers.
As a bonus, I am hoping that there will also be an opportunity to visit the old RAE wind tunnels which are nearby, for those with a particular interest. This will be confirmed nearer the date.
The Museum is open to the public at weekends and Bank Holidays, but if we have a reasonable number in our Group we will have the run of the site for ourselves.
I propose that our party car share – the journey to Farnborough will take about 75 minutes. We should aim to leave Haddenham around 9.15 am. I will organise lunch at a local hostelry for those who would like to eat after the visit.
Please drop me an email if you would like to come ( ) and put the date in your diary. Priority to Technical Group members, partners and friends. If we are short of numbers we may open it to other U3A members later on.