General Meetings

General meetings of Haddenham U3A usually have a guest speaker and are held on the second Monday AND third Thursday of each month, so that all members have a chance to hear them. Meetings start at 2.15 for a 2.30pm start at Haddenham Youth & Community Centre, and usually last for an hour and a half, including time to socialise over a cup of tea.

Exceptions are May, when we have our AGM on the second Monday (with no Thursday meeting) and December, when our Christmas Entertainment is usually held in the Village Hall – also on the second Monday, with no Thursday meeting.

Guest speakers cover a wide variety of topics of general interest to enable an increased awareness of our locality and our world, embracing history, travel, nature, science and culture, with a balanced programme to meet U3A aims.

We hope you will enjoy our meetings, learn something new, get to know other members, and occasionally volunteer to help out.


The normal monthly meetings take place at:

Youth & Community Centre
HP17 8DS

The centre is situated to the right of Haddenham Junior School, and there is a car park on the opposite side of Woodways.


General meetings are free to members of Haddenham U3A.



 10th and 20th February 2020

Jez Elkin – Waste Not Want Not

Do you know what happens to your household waste?  Jez works at FCC Environment raising awareness of the importance of how society handles waste. He gives an interesting insight into an increasingly important area of our lives.
You will find out how your non-recyclable rubbish is used to generate electricity, and diverted from landfill. How your mixed recycling is sorted and passed onto recycling companies. How your food waste is treated.

9th and 19th March

Tony Eaton – The Duke of Windsor and the Nazis

Tony loves unravelling mysteries and investigating conspiracy theories. He will present what he has discovered and leave you to decide – fantasy, fiction, or the real story.  The Duke of Windsor’s wartime dealings with the Nazis is one of the Royal Family’s most closely guarded secrets.  Sensitive files remain embargoed – protected by the 100 year rule accorded, uniquely, to the Royal Archives.  However, what has become increasingly clear is that when his country was facing its greatest crisis, the Duke was pursuing agendas totally at odds with Britain’s war objectives.  Was this deliberate or was he being manipulated – a pawn caught up in a much wider game?

General Meeting Rota for January – March 2020

Meeting Date Leader DP and PA System Chairs Layout
Monday 10th February Sally Lajalati (will need a lift) Geoff Parkes Tony Barker
Peter Grimsdell
Thursday 20th February David Ackroyd Mike Darnell Geof Collins
+ tbc
Monday 9th March Neil Dury (Angela on standby) Richard Pipe Tony Barker
Peter Grimsdell
Thursday 19th March Sally Lajalati Mike Darnell tbc
Please ensure you are at Haddenham Youth and Community Centre by 1.30 pm and finish setting out chairs by 1.50 pm to avoid obstructing the entrance for members arriving early.

Joining the Meetings

The General Meetings are open to all members of Haddenham U3A.

Angela Hart, on behalf of the U3A Committee, organises the speaker programme. If you have any suggestions of good speakers who would be suitable for the U3A General Meetings, please contact Angela on 01844 292070 or

The committee organises the rota of volunteers for the preparation of the venue.