Committee Members


The members of the Haddenham U3A Committee are:

Sally Lajalati

David Ackroyd
Tony Barker
Chris Collins

Angela Hart

Mary Paterson
Events & Outings
Neil Dury
Publicity & Newsletter

Doreen Barker
Chair Sally Lajalati 01844 875292
Treasurer David Ackroyd 01844 292393
Secretary Tony Barker 01844 290377
Membership Secretary Chris Collins 01844 291909
Speakers’ Secretary Angela Hart 01844 292070
Events & Outings Coordinator Mary Paterson 01844 291919
Interest Groups Linda Page 01296 462777
Publicity & Newsletter Editor Neil Dury 01844 291809
Welfare Doreen Barker 01844 290377
Co-ordination Officer
Note that there are currently unfilled posts for the Vice-chair, Interest Groups and Co-ordinator Officer roles. Chris Collins will retire on 31st. December.
Any member interested in joining the committee in one of these posts should contact any one of the above


The Webmaster for Haddenham U3A is Jonathan Hawkins who can be contacted at:

Interest Group Leaders

For contact details for Interest Groups, please go to the Interest Group page.