Local History Group

The objective of this group is to learn about the history of Haddenham and its surrounding area by means of talks, videos, guided walks, visits and research. We have recently decided to widen the scope of the group to also look at history in its wider context.

Research is encouraged into topics such as the world wars, oral histories, manorial records, burial grounds, shops and businesses, family histories, and the histories of houses and buildings. Members conducting research share their findings at group meetings.

Group Leader

Mary Paterson on 01844 291919 or marypaterson208@gmail.com

This group is run by a team of members.


Venues vary according to the type of meeting. We meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 2.30pm.


Costs vary according to the type of meeting, for example if there is a talk then contributions are needed to cover the speaker’s fees and room hire. A walk may incur no cost at all.