Out with Friends

This group is for people who are on their own for whatever reason. It aims to enable members to join with others on outings and events organised by our u3a or arrange activities and outings amongst themselves. Members with similar interests could meet up for coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, a visit to the cinema or a meal in members’ own homes – the possibilities are limitless.

Group Leader

Sally Lajalati on 07872 640934 sallylansten@gmail.com


Informal monthly get-togethers are held in the Parish Council Meeting Room at the Village Hall on the first Wednesday of the month at 10.30 am.

These get-togethers give members the chance to meet and chat socially, exchange books and DVDs.  Getting out and about as a group is a key feature so this is the ideal opportunity to link up with friends and arrange some activities.   In the past, members have arranged visits to places of interest, theatre and cinema trips, art gallery and museum visits, local quizzes, Sunday lunches and even short holidays.