Square Dance Group

Our emphasis is on ENJOYMENT, while also learning all the square dancing moves. Square dancing helps our mobility and also keeps our brains active as we follow the instructions given by our caller. No previous experience or skill is necessary except a willingness to learn and an ability to laugh!

Advice on clothing and footwear: it is best to wear leather soles if possible. Trainers (or anything that has grip on the soles) are not ideal because they can cause problems with knees and ankles if you are sticking to the floor too much and also restrict foot flexibility. Wearing loose, comfortable clothing will also allow free movement. You may like to bring a bottle of water, as it can be thirsty work.

Group Leader

Marion Hadded on 07803 594534 or marionfchadded@gmail.com


We meet in Haddenham Village Hall, Banks Park HP17 8EE every Thursday from 12.00pm to 1.30pm.


There is a small fee of approximately £3 to cover hire of the hall and our caller.